Quick Change Mobile Backings


• Saves time location scouting by hiding unwanted elements utilizing green screens and custom backings.
• Easily hides equipment trucks while simultaneously stationing Star wagons, Hair, and Makeup, Wardrobe, etc. behind one or more trucks, resulting in fewer company moves.
• Saves costs by decreasing travel days, enabling key actors to shoot multiple scenes while on the same location.

Additional Benefits:

• Two trucks can be used back to back, increasing the custom backing/green screen length.
• Device allows easy access to equipment housed in truck(s); ie grips, camera, electrical, misc. equipment, etc.
• Capitalize on an all-day shoot (180-degrees) by relocating truck as needed for best lighting.
• Device creates a large amount of hidden, usable, and convenient workspace.


• Made of lightweight aluminum framing, attached to the side of a truck, with a maximum 3″ profile.
• Aluminum frame opens to a height of 16’ by the length of the trailer (24’ thru 53’).
• Green screen or any backing is attached with bungee cords to the frame once open and in place.  
• Backings can be easily changed out in under an hour depending on the number of grips.